Stories of the Sea

Books that bring you warm waters,
island cultures, and a little sand
between your toes.

About Rob Avery

Rob Avery was born and raised in Southern California, but spent as much time as he could either at the beach or in the Pacific Ocean. He is a criminal defense lawyer by profession; sailing is his passion. His writing combines the two.

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Sim Greene Mysteries

Sim Greene lives on a boat, sails when he wants, surfs when he can, and loves a woman well outside his league. The Navy trained him to be a detective and his best friend to be a killer. Together they solve murders on their own time and in their own way.
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CLOSE-HAULED is a thriller so vivid and action-packed I felt sand between my toes and bruises on my ribs.

Cheri Pray Earlco-author of A Dangerous Day in Georgia

With the introduction of Sim Greene, a maritime shamus joins the ranks of Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade

Wes ClarkAuthor of Lost Burbank

CLOSE-HAULED is such a stylish and spine-tingling action tale, I had to keep checking to be sure it hadn't been written by Clive Cussler or Harlan Coben.

Dave ButlerAuthor of The Kidnap Plot

A mystery neatly combining sailing, suspense, love and murder. I was hooked from the beginning and never predicted the ending. Avery delivers the goods!

B. Robert Boulton
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