Where is Brick House? – Follow Patrick and Rebecca Childress as they wander the globe aboard their Valiant 40 Brick House. Have you ever wondered what equipment you should take for a long sail? They know what works and what doesn’t.

Good Old Boat magazine is the go-to source for those of us sailors who can’t afford or don’t want a million-dollar sailboat. The seas are just as beautiful when you’re on a budget. Good Old Boat can help you find and maintain your own sailboat. It is a great resource.

David Butler writes some fantastic adventure stories for both adults and kids. I loved The Kidnap Plot so much I kept my copy and bought a second for my granddaughter. Also, check out his new Witchy Eye series, an inventive and amazing Americana flintlock fantasy set in a world of Appalachian magic.

Nathan Shumate is an artist and a writer. In his words: “I make things and I make things up.” I think he does a great job with the covers of my books.

Sailing Banyan is one of the blogs I read when I need a break from work or writing. David and Alexandra write of their fun adventures aboard Banyan. Well worth a visit. Read their blog or follow them on Facebook.

Go to the Log of S/V Del Viento to find out more about the Robertson family and their seven year sailing adventure. You can learn more about the costs, the challenges, and the joys of sailing as a family aboard a classic Fuji 40 sailboat.

Wes Clark writes one of the most eclectic and diverse blogs you will ever encounter addressing classical music, comic book characters, history, Volkswagen Beetles, philosophy, archaeology, and even the unusual world of men’s fragrances. He and one of my other life-long friends, Michael B. McDaniel, wrote Lost Burbank where you can learn more about my home town than you ever imagined.

Congratulations to Behan, Jamie, and their three children as they “close the circle” in their nine-year (and change) circumnavigation aboard the S/V Totem. An inspiration to all of us.

Sail Evenstar is about the ongoing adventures of two adults, two children, and one boat; the S/V Evenstar. Read about the cruising lifestyle, the equipment that works, and the people they meet. Currently in Australia, they intend to see as much of the world as they can.